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Media Coverage

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - 12-29-2013
Pittsburgh Promise scholarship recipient defied odds

CBS Pittsburgh - 07-3-2013
Program Gives Families Greater Future With Higher Education

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - 04-22-2013
Growing Promise: The city scholarship plan has momentum

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - 04-22-2013
Pittsburgh Promise attracts new money for scholarship fund

Pittsburgh Business Times - 01-11-2013
Thermo Fisher commits $1M in scholarship funds to Pittsburgh Promise - 01-10-2013 
Greater Promise: The city's tuition program also brings youths home - 01-5-2013 
Pittsburgh Promise looks to bring its grads back to the city - 10-2-2012 
More Promising: Pittsburg's tuition program casts a wider net

Pittsburgh Magazine - 09-2012 
Promises Kept - 09-30-2012 
The Pittsburgh Promise: staying audacious - 09-28-2012 
The Pittsburgh Promise's annual report boasts of good retention rate - 09-27-2012 
Pittsburgh Promise aims to lure Hispanics with financial aid - 09-27-2012 
Pittsburgh Promise scholarship recipients perform well in college - 09-27-2012 
Local Leaders Celebrate Another Succesful Year For The Pittsburgh Promise - 06-14-2012 
Pittsburgh Promise scholarship fund reaches $160 million - 06-14-2012
Dancing the night away for a good cause - 05-08-2012
Promise Kept: Pittsburgh's college tuition program shows its class - 05-02-2012
First Pittsburgh Promise class to graduate this spring

The Pittsburgh Foundation - 03-27-2012
The Pittsburgh Promise Scholarship Fund Receives Support from Customer Donation Program at Giant Eagle City Locations

KDKA News - 09-13-2011
Report: Pittsburgh Promise off to a Solid Start - 09-13-2011
Promise fund set to pay tuitions: Coffers full enough to support graduates

New Pittsburgh Courier - 06-03-2011
Pittsburgh Promise reaches most vulnerable - 05-26-2011
More blacks share in Pittsburgh Promise college scholarships program

CNN AC360° - 1-27-2011
Perry's Principles: Pittsburgh Promise pays for education

USA Today - 1-05-2011
Pittsburgh mentors, money fuel education - 11-29-2010
Pittsburgh Promise gives students real hope - 11-21-2010
Keeping the Promise: Its students make progress and deserve support - 11-02-2010
The Season: Black and Gold - 10-10-2010
Roosevelt is one leader who lived up to promise

New Pittsburgh Courier - 07-20-2010
Pittsburgh Promise to raise scholarships - 7-2-2010
Officials laud scholarship successes

Current News From UPMC

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 6-10-2010
American Eagle donates $100,000 to city scholarship fund

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 5-17-2010
Pittsburgh debuts neighborhoods website

KDKA - 5-13-2010
Pittsburgh Promise Students Graduate From CCAC

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 3-12-2010
Leadership of "Promise" chief lauded

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 12-22-09
BYN Mellon makes $500K gift to Pittsburgh Promise

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 12-16-09
A promise worth keeping

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 12-15-09
Jewish women's group here pledges $10,000 to Promise

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 11-23-09
Pittsburgh Promise enlists some powerful fundraisers

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 11-23-09
The Gates grant: City schools have an opportunity and a challenge

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 11-12-09
Pittsburgh Promise expands scholarships to CCAC

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 10-22-09
Never a better time to be a philanthropist

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 10-20-09
Pittsburgh schools Like enrollment trend

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 09-03-09
Pittsburgh schools reach federal achievement standard

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 08-30-09
$50 million sought from Gates Foundation for city schools

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 08-11-09
Pittsburgh schools meet federal AYP standard

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 07-07-09
Fundraising not the only goal of Pittsburgh Promise

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 07-02-09
Pittsburgh Promise delivers on $15 million fundraising goal

KDKA - 07-01-09
Pittsburgh Promise Gets First Report Card

USA Today - 07-01-09
New plans will free up the 'Free Application' for student aid

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 07-01-09
City's college aid program meets its fund-raising goal

Pittsburgh Tribune Review - 07-01-2009
Pittsburgh Promise has raised $15 million in first year

WTAE - 07-01-09
Pittsburgh Promise Meets Funding Goal; UPMC Wary Of Possible New City Taxes

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 03-20-09
Pittsburgh Promise doubles scholarship schools

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 10-29-08
Scholarship program gets $6M more

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 10-22-08
Scholarship effort scores big

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 10-08-08
Pittsburgh Promise enhances college aid package to students

Massey Charitable Trust - 06-24-08
Massey Charitable Trust Announces $1 Million Grant to The Pittsburgh Promise

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 06-16-08
"Harris to city grads: Keep the promise"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 06-15-08
"Franco Harris gets immaculate reception from Brashear grads"

WPXI - 06-15-08
"'Promise' Fulfilled"

KDKA News - 06-14-08
"Ceremony Held For Pittsburgh Public School Seniors"

New Pittsburgh Courier - 06-12-08
"Harris teams with schools in promise of better future"

New Pittsburgh Courier - 06-12-08
"More than 1,000 apply for Promise scholarship"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 06-06-08
"Community activist to head Promise scholarship program"

Pittsburgh Tribune Review - 06-06-08
"Child advocate picked to lead Pittsburgh Promise"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 05-24-08
"More than 1,000 apply for Promise scholarship"

Tribune Review - 5-20-2008
"The Promise Unfolds for Pittsburgh Seniors"

KDKA - 5-19-2008
" 'Pittsburgh Promise' Delivers for City Students"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 05-09-08
"URA to market city's new scholarship program"

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 05-08-08
"Ex-Steeler Harris named chairman of scholarship board"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 5-08-2008
"Franco's Betting Scholars to Doughnuts"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 05-07-08
"Franco Harris named chairman of Pgh. Promise scholarships"

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 04-27-08
"Promise program motivates foundation's new president"

The Pittsburgh Foundation - 02-29-08
Pittsburgh Promise Update

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 02-14-08
"Promise scholarship applications on way"

Pittsburgh Quarterly - Spring 2008
"Inside the promise"

KDKA-TV - 2-1-08
"'Kalamazoo Promise' Lures Back Families" (Part 2)

WPXI - 1-31-08
"Pittsburgh Promise Style Program Works in Michigan Town"

KDKA-TV - 1-31-08
"'Kalamazoo Promise' Gives Town New Hope" (Part 1)

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 1-10-08
"Officials hold high hopes for Promise"

KDPG Edition - 12-09-07
Link to video on KDKA-TV website

"Promise" Program Has Success Story In Michigan
Link to text and video on KDKA-TV website

Press Conference - 12-5-07 (Videocast)
Community Leaders in Pittsburgh Convene to Announce Details of Major Scholarship Grant for City's Public School Graduates

New York Times - 12-05-07
"Medical Center to Support Tuition Fund in Pittsburgh"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 12-05-07
"UPMC gives huge grant for tuitions"

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 12-05-07
"UPMC's promise: $100M for grads"

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 1-12-07
"City teachers carry out 'Promise'"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 1-11-07
"Teachers union is first donor to scholarship fund"

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 1-11-07
"City teachers union to aid free tuition fund"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 12-14-06
"Tuition grants a lure for city schools"