The Pittsburgh Promise has made four Promises:

We will send all eligible urban youth to college or trade school with a scholarship.
We promote the reform of urban schools so that our young people are prepared for successful and meaningful lives.
We will invest in our region's workforce by preparing the next generation of workers.
We raise $250 million to get this work done.
Central to the work of The Pittsburgh Promise is promoting academic success and encouraging our students and their communities to dream big and work hard toward high aspirations and hope. We aspire to replace the deadly culture of low expectations that often permeates urban schools with the belief that inside every child is a promise, and with the appropriate care, effort, and needed resources, that promise will undoubtedly be fulfilled. The full impact of that promise begins with individual children and expands to invigorate the entire community, improve the quality of life in the region, and develop a highly qualified workforce that will meet the needs of local employers, both now and in the future.